Mama of two. 

Being a mother is so completely life altering. Your entire world becomes consumed by your children. Their needs and keeping them safe take up the entirety of your brain capacity! 
Since having Delilah I have become obsessed with finding the perfect breastfeeding outfits! I’ve had to reevaluate my entire wardrobe. To begin with, it made me so freakin sad that I wouldn’t be able to wear a lot of my favourite pieces.. but then reality kicked in and I realised that it meant I could go SHOPPING for NEW things haha! 

My search led me to an amazing label Pink Blush. They’re clothing can take you right through pregnancy into breastfeeding and all their pieces are so insanely GORGEOUS! 
Another thing that has saved my sanity more than once over the last three months (how is my Pixie girl already three months old!!?) is baby wearing! I seriously don’t know how I would have gotten through those clingy patches, when all Pixie wanted was her Mama if I didn’t have my ring sling from Chekoh. I find the ring sling is perfect for the early months and I’ve since also gotten a wrap as well. Which is super back friendly for when your baby gets bigger (and they inevitably will!!). 

One of my most cherished finds for Mama life is my nappy bag from Sunday Isle. It’s the PERFECT size for everything I could possibly need for Delilah and I can even fit in a change of clothes for my big boy Zeke, which is awesome because he has a tendency of getting wet or seriously dirt covered! It’s also one of a kind and ethically sourced, which just makes using it that much more sweeter. 

I have come out of these first three months feeling a little more in control and like I’ve got this.. well at least most days I START out feeling that way, then things become chaotic and I just want to hide in the bathroom haha! But in all honesty I wouldn’t change any of the insanity that is my day to day life now. Being a mother is truly the most important thing I have ever done in my life. My children are my everything and I am so blessed to be their Mama. 

Robe/ kimono is from PinkBlush and I’m wearing a size XL.

Zeke and Lilah are wearing Children of the tribe.

Both dresses are from PinkBlush and I’m wearing a size XL, I’m usually a size 16 au. 

Ring sling from Chekoh

Bag from Sunday Isle.

Photos Juniper Scout Imagery

Hair Snips and Blobs.

Love and light to you all beautiful beings,

Tallulah ✨💫

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